How to create an active bike culture


More and more employers are encouraging the use of bicycles among their employees. Bikes save time, have attractive taxation benefits, and are good for people and the environment. Companies are increasingly turning to bike leasing as a solution, and Joule helps them roll out a customized lease plan. "Bike leasing is more than just providing bicycles."

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Bike leasing's on the rise

Bike leasing is clearly on the rise. Never before have so many Belgians leased a bike through their work. The use of leased bikes is breaking records year after year. Joule helps companies create an active cycling culture by offering a tailor-made leasing plan. "We try to tailor our offers as much as possible to the customer's needs, including mobile maintenance, deliveries, repairs, and maintenance, at home or in the workplace," says co-founder Nicolas Coudeville.

For Joule, an active cycling culture starts with the awareness that bikes can play a prominent role as an alternative mode of transportation in commuting. "Functional benefits in an urban context help increase awareness among employers and employees. Cycling is also good for the mental and physical well-being of employees. Leasing a bike is also a unique selling point in the war for talent. Once that awareness is there, we try to meet as many needs as possible."

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Start to lease

Thanks to bike leasing, employees can pay for their bike - often an electric model - on an advantageous basis. "The more expensive the bike, the more interesting leasing is. Financing can be done through end-of-year bonuses, a cafeteria plan, or the mobility budget. Payment can be spread over one to four years. Bike leasing is tax-exempt, making it interesting for both employer and employee."


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Baanbrekende werkgever

Joule is a partner of 'Baanbrekende werkgever'. An inspiring journey where 70 groundbreaking employers focus on sustainable mobility policy and a people-oriented personnel policy

Baanbrekende werkgever encourages the use of environmentally friendly transportation such as e(bikes), scooters, or public transportation:

"Where desirable and possible, the groundbreaking employer definitively gives the bike a central place in the mobility policy. Bike leasing, shared bikes, or bike allowances can be part of a comprehensive cycling policy, which also includes bike parking and showers."


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